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We are currently working on updating our site! We appreciate your patience with us while we finalize our changes. We are actively working on adding a History and a Media Gallery to the site as well! If you are interested in more information about the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade, or would like to participate, we recommend joining us for our monthly meetings which occur on the second Wednesday of each month. We meet at the Tulsa VFW Post #557 located at 1109 E 6th St

Tulsa, OK 74120.

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Event Reminder!

The Tulsa Veterans Day Parade is one week away! If you have signed up to participate in the parade, please ensure you attend the meeting on November the 9th! We will have all finalized information rea

Sign ups are open until October 15th!

If you would like to participate in this years Tulsa Veterans Day Parade, we are still accepting participents! Please ensure you can make it to our next two meetings! Wednesday October 12th Wednesda


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