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2023 Tulsa Veterans Day Parade
2023 Tulsa Veterans Day Parade

Fri, Nov 10


Tulsa Parade Headquarters-VFW Post #577

2023 Tulsa Veterans Day Parade

Please submit your application prior to the cut off date. There will be no exceptions this year. Participating in the parade is free! Please register as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

Registration is Closed
Thank you for your interest.

Time & Location

Nov 10, 2023, 11:00 AM CST

Tulsa Parade Headquarters-VFW Post #577, 1109 E 6th St, Tulsa, OK 74120, USA

About the event

Dear 2023 Parade Applicant:

The 2023 Tulsa Veterans’ Day parade is being organized. If you desire to participate in the parade please carefully read the enclosed paperwork. ONLINE APPLICATIONS WILL BE THE ONLY APPLICATIONS APPROVED. The application must be received at or before 12:00, noon, on October 14th, 2022 to avoid disqualification from participating in the 2023 parade. All information must be filled out and signed. Legibility of your application ensures your contact information is recorded correctly. If you desire to ensure your application was received, a Roster of submitted applications will be kept in the office of Tulsa VFW and will be provided upon request. Applications not fully completed or returned without all information required will be rejected.

 If you wish to participate in the Tulsa Veterans Day Float competition, please select “yes” on your parade application. Guidelines for construction are that the Float does not to exceed 9 feet in width, 18 feet in height and 20 feet in length. (Vehicle towing float is not included in those measurements.) 

The committee and members of the Veterans Day Parade are engaged in fundraising efforts to cover the costs associated with this 2023 Veteran Day Parade. These efforts allow us to continue the tradition to allow every Veteran to be honored with the only requirement of them is to be present. If your organization or company would be interested in assisting in these efforts please contact us at or in the office at Tulsa VFW 1109 E 6th St Tulsa OK 74120.


Joshua D Starks

2023 Parade Committee Chair

“2023 Tulsa Veterans’ Day Parade Rules and Participation Agreement”

The following terms of the “2023 Tulsa Veterans’ Day Parade Rules and Participation Agreement” are to be adhered to for you, your organization, and participants participation in the 2023 Tulsa Veterans Day Parade. Any deviation of these rules can and will result in your expulsion from the 2023 parade and future parades. The safety of our participants and parade attendees is paramount in the execution of the “2023 Tulsa Veterans’ Day Parade”.  

All participants will read and honor the following:

The Veterans’ Day Parade is conducted for the purpose of honoring veterans of each and all types of honorable service in one or more than one of the five branches of the United States Military; plus those veterans who have served honorably during service in the armed forces of Nations allied with the United States at a time(s) when American forces were engaged in combat operations. This Tulsa Veterans Day Parade is to Honor Veterans and those who support Veterans. 

No amplified music or speech will be allowed in the parade unless specifically approved by the Parade Marshals. 

The throwing of Candy or any other item to the parade attendees is not permitted.

Candy and Small American Flags are permitted to be handed to parade attendees. 

No parade participant will represent itself as a political or religious advocacy group and or as an individual advocate of a particular religion or political viewpoint. Veterans will represent themselves, individually or collectively, as veterans; not veterans of a particular religious persuasion and not veterans who are affiliated with a particular political party or political organization or political viewpoint. 

No parade participant will wear political candidates Hats, T-Shirts, signage, or have amplified sound that promotes a political candidate. Political candidates, their staff or Volunteers are not permitted to publicly promote the candidate while participating in the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade. Government Offices may participate with elected officials as supporters of Veterans or Veterans that work with that governmental office.    

The United States Flag, Oklahoma State Flag, Tulsa City Flag, and those of congressionally chartered Veteran Organizations are the only Authorized Flag for display. All National flags of the United States of America will be carried and or displayed in accordance with the specifications of the United States Flag Code.  Link: 

Period re-enactment groups will be in period-correct uniform and may U. S. National flag from the beginning of the conflict they or it represents. Individuals wearing period apparel will wear the uniform correctly and in full compliance with the uniform standards of the period represented. 

Any motor vehicle and/or trailer used in the parade will meet safety standards approved by the Tulsa Police Department. No driver will consume alcoholic beverages after midnight on November 9th, 2023 until after he or she is no longer operating a vehicle in the parade or for any purpose related to the parade. 

Any person operating a motor vehicle in the parade staging area or on the parade route will obey all traffic laws, all instructions from parade Marshals, all instructions from law enforcement personnel and all conditions of participating in the parade. Due to time constraints, we are limiting 20 vehicles per group entry.

No individual’s clothing, or vehicle display or decoration, or wording or images on signage will be such that it cannot be displayed in public and in front of minors: Specifically, there will be nothing containing sexual innuendo, discrimination of any federally protected race / religion / group or organization, pro or anti-abortion sentiment or anything that mentions or implies personal sexual orientation. 

Any Parade Marshal will have the authority to demand that a parade participant, group or individual, will remove and/or discard words or images, however displayed or uttered, from a float, vehicle or carried sign or banner. Failure to comply with the Marshal’s demand will automatically disqualify the participant from the 2021 parade. 

All deadlines set by the Parade Committee will be final. Paperwork that is incomplete or arrives after 12:00, noon, on October 14th, 2023 ONLINE ONLY will cause the participant, group or organization, to be excluded from the 2023 parade. Participants in the 2022 parade do not automatically qualify as participants in the 2023 parade. 

Any organization or individual that misrepresents its or his or her intent to participate in accordance with the rules set down by the Parade committee will be denied participation in the 2023 parade. 

All Participants will be in place by 09:30 AM on November 10th 2023 in the prescribed location given to the Parade contact listed on this form, once the application is approved. Failure to be in place by 09:30AM on November 10th 2023 will be grounds for exclusion from the 2023 Veterans Day Parade. 

I, the undersigned, on the parade application agree to comply with all provisions stated above and also agree to assure that the organization I am representing will do the same. 

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